Frequently Asked Questions


More pictures makes the profiles much more interesting!

Email the picture and your name to and volunteers will put it up.

The source records we used did not contain bodyweight, so we could not enter the right bodyweight. In stead of leaving the results out, we chose to enter the bodyweight as the same as the weight-category.

Some of these results will be fixed when we get the paper results, for other the bodyweight was never registered.

We have entered every result we could find. Please tell us what we missed and where the results are.

See the feedback page for contact options.

If a lifter has competed for the club, the lifter is listed.

If a lifter later competes for a new club, the lifter will be moved to that club.

If a lifter competes for a club - and never competes again, the lifter will still be listed under the last club, he or her competed for.

It is also possible to manually remove/move lifters in special cases, check the feedback page for contact options.

The profile pictures serves as a way to recognize a lifter.

Since they are displayed quite small, they need to be face-shots/portraits.

Also - don't steal pictures without permission. Ask the photographer for permission before you use a picture.

For two reasons.

  1. Results are also interesting for lifters from other countries - and they do not understand Icelandic.
  2. (And this is the real one) The website was developed by Klaus Jensen, who understands Icelandic, but does not write or speak it very well. Sorry about that!

Everybody in Iceland (almost) reads and speaks great English, so it should not be a problem.